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Veterinarians In Paradise

CE In Flip Flops!


Quadruple blinded scientific studies show that we learn much better when we wear T-shirts andflip-flops in a gorgeous setting.

“Veterinarians in Paradise” is dedicated to organizing CE for veterinarians, technicians & assistants in exotic, beautiful or unusual locations. Sure, we have offered lectures and wet labs all over the US. But learning abroad is even more fun!

Family members (including kids, siblings, and parents) and friends are welcome so that you can relax and have fun together when you are not learning.

Veterinarians in Paradise was launched in 2009 by Phil Zeltzman, a practicing board-certified veterinary surgeon based in PA.


 VIP was born from a double passion: teaching and traveling. 


 And a few other interests: good food, good company, camaraderie, photography and fun. Speakers are always experts in their field. They are super helpful, approachable and never dull. Learning and CE credits are completely legit. That said, we prefer CE at the beach or the bar.

Learning modalities are varied: we alternate between round tables, group competitions, quizzes and brain teasers – always in a fun, informal and relaxed atmosphere.

VIP attendees are different…They are super friendly, down to earth and humble. They are happy, optimistic and enthusiastic about our profession. VIPs love to learn yet understand that learning can be done differently.

Amazing things happen during VIP trips: jobs are found, friendships develop, side gigs are launched, new experiences occur (parasailing anybody?). We even had a wedding during a recent trip! Again, the CE is totally serious. Despite the many temptations, nobody has ever missed a single hour of CE!


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