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Future VIP Trips


Sometime in 2019, we will offer a very unique trip to a beautiful and relaxing resort. This retreat will be reserved to veterinary professionals (veterinarians, technicians etc) who suffer from burnout or compassion fatigue, or who simply need to recharge their batteries.

Our speaker will be the amazing Julie Squires, a certified compassion fatigue specialist and certified life coach from New York State. No CE involved. I decided to organize this VIP trip because of the shocking amount of pain and suffering in our profession.

  Interested? Simply email me (drphilzeltzman@gmail.com) and I will keep you posted (location, dates, cost etc).

This trip could reignite your love for the profession. It could change your life.

On June 14-23, 2019, we will take some friends and colleagues to Paris, France.

The exact agenda will be finalized soon.

Topics will revolve around management, in the broadest sense (no CE credits).

Gastronomy and fine food will be an important part of the experience.

This will be reserved for a small group of like-minded people who appreciate the finer things in life.