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“This was a CE experience unlike any other that I have been to in the past 13 years as a CVT. It was absolutely amazing!

The location was so relaxing and beautiful, the people were super friendly, and the topics were very informational. I picked up a few new tricks that I was excited to share with my coworkers.

Even though it was only a few days, I came back so relaxed and recharged. I would jump at the chance to go again!”


CVT in Massachusetts

“This was an absolutely awesome experience! Great, practical CE that I’ve already integrated into my practice (straight from the cabana to the critters).

The VIP trip gave me one of the few experiences that made me feel like a “real doctor” that gets to go on fancy trips and be pampered 😉 Thank you!”

Todd Estelle

Practice Owner in Blandon, PA

“Thank you so much for the opportunity and I love your laid back CE style.

I love to travel and I love to learn, so this CE really was the best of both worlds for me. The relaxed environment (The Caribbean!) combined with the casual and friendly atmosphere of the CE was energizing.

I came back home feeling refreshed and eager to share my new pearls of wisdom with my peers!”


CVT in Portland, OR

“The VIP trip was outstanding. Not only were the destination and the resort top notch, but the CE was genuinely fun. The small group/interactive format is not one that you really see at most other conferences. Time just flies by. I really get a lot out of speaking with others about what is going on with their practices. I would highly recommend VIP trips to any vet or tech looking for some fun and informative CE.”

Dr. Paul Sedlacek

Practice Owner In Morris Plains, NJ

“The interactive format was most dramatically different from the didactic format of national meetings. I found myself more involved with no option to “zone-out”. The beach was good for that.”

“My husband said that I came back from the sessions talking about them more than he remembers me doing at the national conferences.”

“Historically I have not attended surgical lectures and refer what is better taken care of by a specialist. That being said, I found I learned a lot in your lectures.”

“CE credits on pertinent everyday information obtained in a perfect exotic location, and in a reasonable period of time. The relaxed setting with friendly experts and colleagues made sharing ideas easy and painless. Learning proved to be fun! Had a great time. Money well spent.”

Dr. Tiffany Wagner

Practice Owner in Mountain Top, PA

“I enjoyed learning on the beach. It made me extremely relaxed and able to absorb information. I really enjoyed the low-stress handling of dogs and cats. It made me think about what I have always done and maybe I can do it better ways. It also gives me hope that my own dog can be where he should be.”


CVT in Allentown, PA

“I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of such a special CE experience. There were so many unique aspects of this trip. Being able to discuss and learn in a smaller group was incredibly helpful. Compare that to sitting in a dark conference room with PowerPoint slides, little discussion, and a group far too large to be able to have a useful discussion comparing different methods of treatment. AJ, Nurse Kelly, and Dr. Phil truly understand the importance of combining relaxation with learning.

Toes in the sand and drinks in hand, I found this CE to be the most beneficial conference with the most practical, applicable mix of topics I’ve ever attended. Low Stress Handling, Anesthesia, Proper Wound Care, just to name a few.

If you have the chance to attend, take it! This is definitely something you won’t want to miss! I’m already looking forward to the next VIP trip!”


CVT in Chicago, IL

“Thank you for the best CE experience I have ever had – hands down. The topics were interesting and I am excited to take everything I have learned into practice. (…) Kelly and AJ were phenomenal speakers. The topics were not only useful to practice but also incredibly interesting.

I loved how we were not only restricted to certain topics and there was room for discussion on any topic. (…) I learned a lot from vet techs and doctors alike. I actually enjoyed all the doctors’ input and learned a lot from them as far as how they would handle certain situations in practice. (…) I look forward to more CE trips in the future!

Thank you for an amazing experience.”


CVT in Allentown, PA

“It was a true vacation – relaxing, rejuvenating and beautiful.”

“Best CE I ever went to”

“I will remember more from this conference (than at national conferences) due to the nature of the presentations.”

“Thank you for keeping it fun along with being informative.”